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Mature Businessman

I asked Jenny for an Akashic reading. The Akashic reading she provided has helped me so much. It unified and focused the energies and grounded my spirit. I loved hearing from the spirit guides l, telling me the importance of the past and sharing their truths. The advice they gave has become the Center of my everyday activities. I greet each day with new joy and understanding. Thank you so much Jenny.

Woman in Yellow

I have received readings from Jenny and she has helped me with her gifts and powerful messages through tremendous transitions in my life! I will continue to utilize her guidance and recommend her to everyone! Thank you Jenny for sharing your gifts with the world!

Smiling Young Man

Accurate. Jenny her stuff and how to dig into messages. She makes you feel like she really knows you by the accuracy of what she receives from your guides. I recommend Northern Healing and personal growth. Give her a try and you’ll be gratified, I promise.

Crystal Ball

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